Spike’s Car Radio Live at the Pebble Beach Classic Car Forum 2024

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Saturday, Aug. 17, 11:30AM

Hosted by Spike Feresten With Paul Zuckerman, Matt Farah, Jonny Lieberman & Jerry Seinfeld

Join Spike Feresten and the rest of the “Fab Four” as they return for this live broadcast of his hugely popular Spike’s Car Radio Podcast. Guaranteed to be informative, entertaining, unpredictable, and just plain fun. You never know who will show up and join the conversation!  

Spike Feresten – Host/Moderator

Spike Feresten, a Pebble Beach Classic Car Forum fan favorite, hosted Esquire TV's hit show Car Matchmaker. He was a Writer/Producer on Seinfeld where he earned three Emmy nominations, and on Late Night with David Letterman where he earned five Emmy nominations. Today Spike is the CEO of Hangar 56 Media, the host of the popular cars and comedy podcast Spike's Car Radio and a writer/producer on the new feature film Unfrosted for Netflix, staring Jerry Seinfeld. 

Paul Zuckerman – Panelist

Paul Zuckerman is co-founder of CZ LAW, a successful personal injury law firm in Beverly Hills, co-host of Spike's Car Radio, and a notable Southern California car collector.

Matt Farah – Panelist      

Car enthusiast, host, content creator, and filmmaker, Matt Farah is well-known as one of the internet’s most famous personalities; his YouTube channel The Smoking Tire has over 925,000 subscribers. Farah primarily entertains his fans by sharing videos and podcasts with other YouTubers and celebrities, in-depth information about different cars, watch reviews, Vlogs, and more. Matt has over 1,000 car reviews under his belt as a seasoned automotive journalist.

Jonny Lieberman – Panelist    

Jonny Lieberman is the Senior Features Editor at MotorTrend and co-host of Spike’s Car Radio. He credits his father with establishing his car obsession by regaling him with tales of his grandfather’s 1950 Cadillac 60 Special and 1953 Buick Roadmaster.

Jerry Seinfeld – Panelist

Jerry Seinfeld is a comedian and car guy who lives in New York. 

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