A Groundbreaking Exhibition Like No Other: Land Rovers and Range Rovers Used by HM Queen Elizabeth II

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Thursday, Aug. 15, 4:00PM

With Paul Barritt & Michael Bishop

Members of the executive team from Land Rover Classic will be present to share insights into the history of ten selected Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles that have served the royal family. This will be their first-ever display outside of the UK. Land Rover expert Michael Bishop will speak about the design of the vehicles, their historical significance, and unique stories related to their time in service and subsequent care. Additionally, the event will include a discussion of the 1954 Prototype D-Type Jaguar by Jaguar Classic, a car that dominated the 'Golden Era of Racing' and captivated enthusiasts with its beauty. This event offers a special opportunity for fans and collectors to engage with representatives of these iconic brands and view vehicles with unparalleled provenance.

Paul Barritt – Director of JLR Classic

Paul was appointed JLR Classic Director in December 2022. He is also a Trustee of the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust (JDHT), a Director of Bowler Motors and is on the advisory panel of the Historic and Classic Vehicle Alliance (HCVA).
Paul joined JLR in March 2020 as the SVO Chief Programme Engineer leading the Range Rover SV, the Range Rover Sport SV and the forthcoming Defender Octa SVO teams.
Prior to joining JLR, he had a long career at Aston Marin in engineering and programme management culminating in being Vehicle Line Director for GT cars.
Paul started his career at Rover Group working on Discovery 2 and Freelander, cars that are now in the JLR Classic collection giving a sense of having come full circle!
An Automotive Engineer by training, he has a Degree and Masters in Automotive Engineering Design. Paul is married with two grown up children and lives in a village just north of Stratford. In his spare time, he has restored a number of classic cars and currently owns an old Alfa Romeo and Lotus. He builds model cars and enjoys cycling, film, theatre, music, and motorsport.

Michael Bishop – Collector, Historian, Writer

Mike Bishop began collecting and writing about Land Rovers as a teenager in Australia in the late 1980s. His intuitive work was published in magazines but on the very first days of the internet in 1995 helping fellow collectors and enthusiasts. He travelled in the late 1990s to the UK to research the British Motor Museum archive. From that work he rediscovered Arthur Goddard, the original lead program engineer of Land Rover in 1948 and the man that put the development together for 1954 Royal State review Land Rovers for the 1954 Coronation Tour. He joined (JLR) Land Rover in 2011 firstly at Solihull with Land Rover Experience and the 2015 Defender year of Celebration and then the launch of Land Rover Classic in 2016. From running restoration programs, customer sales and helping plan out media stories and events.

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