2019 Pebble Beach Classic Car Forum

Thank you for your interest in the Pebble Beach Classic Car Forum presented by AIG and BridgePoint. Here, you can see all of the phenomenal sessions held during the speaker series in 2019. Sessions were held daily from August 15 through 17 at The Inn at Spanish Bay.


2:00 PM | Spike’s Car Radio Records Live with Special Guest Car Collector Adam Carolla

Speakers: Spike Feresten (Moderator) & Adam Carolla

3:30 PM | Cover Story: How Hot Rod Magazines Spread the Sport across the Country

Speakers: Ken Gross (Moderator), Bruce Meyer & Jim Miller



9:00 AM | Driving Trends in the Collector Car Industry

Speakers: Craig Jackson & Alexandra Legouix


11:00 AM | Feature Presentation: Racing Porsches with Patrick Dempsey & Hurley Haywood

Speakers: Spike Feresten (moderator), Hurley Haywood & Patrick Dempsey 


1:00 PM | A Bright Future for the Past: A Conversation with Tomorrow's Restorers 

Speakers: Donald Osborne (moderator), Paul Russell, Dave Kinney & McPherson College automotive design students

3:00 PM | 30+ Years of Japanese Luxury Cars

Speakers: Ed Loh (moderator), Alfonso Albaisa, Dave Christ, Jon Ikeda, Angus MacKenzie & Tom Matano


5:30 PM | Pebble Beach Concours Sketchbattle Pro  

Sketchbattle Pro is a live automotive sketching competition staged in front of an audience.  Sometimes referred to as The Fight Club of Design, Sketchbattle pits the world’s best designers against each other in head-to-head competition for high stakes prizes and the coveted title of Sketchmaster. Sketchbattle Pro is the highest level of the Middlecott Sketchbattle Championships, which also includes Sketchbattle Team events for art and design schools and Sketchbattle Jr., an education initiative to develop design skills among teenagers.



10:30 AM | Feature Presentation: Assess & Caress with Donald Osborne & Jay Leno
Replica, Re-creation or Revival — When Should What’s Gone Stay Gone?

Speakers: Donald Osborne (Moderator) & Jay Leno

12:00 NOON | Revs Institute Presents: Protecting the Family Legacy and Preserving Automotive Enthusiasm During the Coming Revolution

Speakers: Paul Ingrassia (moderator), Miles Collier & John Elkann

1:30 PM | The Theory of Automotive Evolution

Speakers: John Nikas (moderator), Leslie Kendall & Stewart Reed


3:00 PM |  Coachbuilders of Our Future

Speakers: Wayne Carini (moderator), David and Michael Moal, Andy Leach & Chip Foose


4:30 PM | The Outlook for the Future of Urban Transportation: Battery-Electric Cars, Autonomous Vehicles, and Advanced Rapid Transit 

Speakers: Thomas Stone, J. F. Finn III, Wolfgang Egger & Hernan Kraviez